US Mass Shooting


I was excited to post my first Dashboard posted to Tableau Public. I decided to create a simple Tableau Dashboard of the US Mass Shootings which contains a Map and four driving Worksheets:

  • Location: The location where the incident occurred.
  • Shooter Demographic: The ethnic origins of the shooter(s).
  • By Year: Which allows you to filter down on individual or multiple years.
  • By Month: Which allows you to filter on month of occurrence.

On the Map we have a tooltip on the Map view which gives you a summary of the incident, number of injuries, fatalities and total number of victims.

Features of this Dashboard include the use of Doughnuts (which I do like and use), spark line for the year worksheet and a Dual Axis on the map to allow me to use a cross with a circle around as my location pin.

The link to this Dashboard can be found HERE

The Mother Jones Data Source can be found HERE


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