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Tableau released a server monitoring tool called TabMon on the 14th of October 2015. This tool collects information on the server performance via Perfmon, Java Health and JMX and stores this in a postgres Database. We have been collecting server statistics manually on an ad hoc basis or from our AWS Infrastructure team but this gives us a elegant and self service way to look at the health of our Tableau Server.

TabMon is provided as an Windows Installable file so the installation is extremely simple. The only choice you have to make is whether to install a new instance of Postgres or use your Tableau Postgres Database. Since Postgres is light weight we decided to install TabMons own Postgres Database – other considerations include not wanting to use the Tableau Postgres Database for other tasks.

Once installed make sure that the Windows services have been started (TabMon, TabMon-Postgres) you can open and explore the Sample Tableau Dashboard.

Note: You would need to have set the dbpass for the readonly user as well as enable JMX on your Tableau Server to get TabMon running. This will require a Server restart.

I am looking at reworking the Dashboard and will publish to Tableau Public when completed but what excites me is combining TabMon with VizAlerts to get emails when Server resource thresholds have been breached.

You can read more about TabMon on the Tableau official blog HERE

You can download TabMon HERE

You can read more about VizAlerts HERE


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