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I have been following the project elastic (what little was available) since the project was announced at the Tableau Conference in 2014. It was only at the Tableau 2015 Conference Keynote that Project Elastic was officially launch as Vizable – an iPad application for data exploration.

Overly excited, I spent an hour at the expo center trying Vizable and when I got back to the office I had to explore it further.

Initial Thoughts

User Interface: The first thing I noticed was the extremely clean interface. Everything that is seen has a purposes and is actionable with no clutter. This gives relevance to everything that you can see, do and also give a pleasing visual experience.

Gestures: It took me a few minutes to get into the groove data exploration became second nature. Gestures on mobile devices have become second nature and Tableau has really done well to make the gestures controls intuitive.


I would love to see the following additions to Vizable:

  • Integration with Tableau Mobile: I would love to be able to open Tableau Mobile to look at a Dashboard, isolate a specific area, and then click open in Vizable for further exploration.
  • Additional Worlds: Current Viziable has two worlds:  Category World to slice and dice data by dimensions and a Time World to explore how data changes over time. I would love to see more worlds added. For example, a Geo World for mapping or a Head-to-Head world which will allow you to put two items side by side and see how associated measure complete.
  • Filter Search: I would love a search mechanism on the filters. For example, if you wanted to filter by a movie name you would have to spend a lot of time scrolling.
  • Other Platforms: It would be nice to have Tableau support Android as it is the dominant mobile platform of the day. Also as more and more Laptop are touch screen enabled I would love to see this as a Windows application or available as a Saas.


In summary Vizable this is a fantastic application.

I do not believe I have seen a more intuitive and powerful Data visualization tool for mobile devices and as an initial version Vizable is a very usable. I have no doubt more R&D and features will be introduced into Vizable so this is definitely one for the future.

Why not download it and try for yourself?


Toan Hoang

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