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Doughnuts and Pies Charts are not always the best tool to visualise information but can be great in the right circumstances.  In Tableau, Doughnuts do not come out of the box but are quite simple to make. Using the Sample Tableau Data Sets we are going to go through the creation of Doughnuts.

Setting Up Variables

Connect to the Superstore Tableau Sample Data Sources.

Create two Calculated Fields












Add the both Calculated Fields to the Rows, Right Click the Inner Circle pill and click Dual Axis.



Clearing Canvas Lines

To have a good looking doughnut we will need to remove the grid and zero lines. To do this:

  • Right Click on the Canvas and select Format.
  • Click on the Format Borders, Under Row Divider Pane Select None.
  • Click on the Format Borders, Under Column Divider Pane Select None.
  • Click on the Format Lines, Under Zero Lines Select None.
  • Right Click the Headers and Untick Show Headers.

Building the Doughnut

We will first build the Outer Pie:

  • Click the Outer Pie pill.
  • Change the Chart Type in the Marks Panel to Pie.
  • Click on the Size and Increase this to the halfway mark.
  • Drag the Category Dimension onto the Color.
  • Click on Color and Select the Border and Choose White.
  • Drag Sales onto Angle.

We will now build the Inner Circle:

  • Click on the Inner Circle pill.
  • Change the Chart Type in the Marks Panel to Circle.
  • Click on Color and Select White.
  • Click on Color and choose a shade of Gray for the Border Color.






Doughnut Labels

Now we will add some labels to make the Doughnut more understandable:

  • Click on the Outer Pie pill.
  • Drag the Category Dimension onto Labels.
  • Drag Sales Measure into Label.
    • Right Click the Sales Measure.
    • Select Quick Table Calculation.
    • Select Percentage of Total.
  • Drag Sales Measure into Label to get the actual value.
  • Click on Label and format as you see fit.








Now we shall finish off the Doughnut:

  • Click on the Inner Circle pill.
  • Drag the Sales Measure into the Label.
  • Click on the Sales Measure, Centre Align and Format.








And that is it, nice and simple Doughnut Charts in Tableau. Enjoy


Toan Hoang

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