Double, Spaced Doughnut Chart: UK Election 2017 6

After the United Kingdom 2017 General Election, on Thursday 8th June 2017, I had many conservations about our First Past The Post system (FPTP), and why we do not have a Proportional Representation (PR). In the UK FPTP system, we have 650 individual battlegrounds, each representing one seat, the party with […]

Tableau Interview regarding JUST EAT 2

At JUST EAT we use Tableau as our sole Business Intelligence Solution for Data Delivery, Data Visualisation and Self-Service Business Intelligence. While at the Tableau 2015 Conference in Las Vegas I took some time away from learning sessions and the black jack table to talk to Tableau. The following is the transcript […]

Tableau Rings 45

I love building visualisations with Tableau and in this walkthrough, we are going to build Radial Bar Chart which I like to refer to as a Rings. For my data set, I am going to use the #MakeoverMonday’s American Biggest Bandwidth Hogs data set. Note: This information can be displayed using Bar Charts and many […]

Tableau 5 Minute Tip: Rolling 12 Months vs Previous 6

A question I get asked often is how do I create a rolling 12 months chart and also show the previous year. In this tutorial I am going to use the EU Superstore to demonstrate who this can be done with a series of simple steps. Let us start by accessing the […]

#MakeoverMonday New Additions

Tableau #MakeoverMonday is a fantastic initiative organised by Andy Kriebel @WizVizBI and gives the fun challenge of face lifting a chart using Tableau. Whenever I have a free moment I always participate in #MakeoverMonday’s to build something new and fun; the best part of this exercise is that you can publish your visualisation up to Tableau Public, […]

Tableau Wifi 4

Many Tableau users have viewed, downloaded and attempted to mimic the Sunburst chart by Bora Beran. Bora’s blog can be found HERE and within is the link to the workbook on Tableau Public. Most people I know (including myself) have faced trouble replicating this with their own data and getting their heads around the use […]