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Tableau #MakeoverMonday is a fantastic initiative organised by Andy Kriebel @WizVizBI and gives the fun challenge of face lifting a chart using Tableau. Whenever I have a free moment I always participate in #MakeoverMonday’s to build something new and fun; the best part of this exercise is that you can publish your visualisation up to Tableau Public, post the link to twitter with the hashtag #MakeoverMonday and start a dialogue with other Tableau enthusiast.

I have received some great feedback and learnt a few tips and tricks along the way so here are my last three entries. Click on the image to interact with the Visualisation on Tableau Public.

Here are my latest entries

Women in the Workplace

At Schroders Asset Management I have built Radar Charts in Tableau to show different ratios i.e. Cost against profit for different global regions. Radars Charts are great in this situation as they allow us to compare the regions effectively as well as put ratios on top of each other. I could not share them but I put together the example below.


Tableau Public Link: HERE

What Politician’s Said

After the tragic mass shooting in Orlando politicians said a great many things. I was in the mood to explore drawing in Tableau so put together the following chart. It is not the most visually effective but was quite tough and I learnt a few things.


Tableau Public Link: HERE

US Executions

A lot of organisations that I have worked in believe that they should us a classic BI tool for operational reporting and Tableau for Analytics. A lot of people believe that Tableau cannot do the pixel perfect type of reports or infographics that are mass distributed. However, I have produced many such reports and while at JUST EAT with Tableau and while at Schroders we are also leveraging Tableau for Global Management pack printouts. I thought I would demonstrate this through a #MakeoverMonday challenge via US Execution Data.


Tableau Public Link: HERE

So that is it for now, hopefully I will be able to turn some of my insights into blogs for you all but I hope you found some of these visualizations interesting.


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