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I often look for random quotes online and while there are plenty of websites out there I wanted something extremely clean, random and simple. I thought about building my own and being a technology enthusiast I took this as an opportunity to try out some new technologies as well as the Google Stack. In this article I will talk and share my thoughts about the technologies that I used and how I built Genius Thoughts.

Database Layer

I found a database for quotes online so I needed to store this somewhere for my application to access. Of the Google storage products available I found that Google CloudStorage fit the bill and allowed me to store a large amount of data for free.

I did find two things limiting 1) No real management interface and being a trained DBA I found this annoying, and 2) There is no free text search functionality i.e. you cannot use a ‘like’ statement against a column.

For more information on Google CloudStorage click HERE

Business Layer

For the Business Logic Tier I decided to put on my Java hat and use Google App Engine. I have used Java for years and programming the required Servlets was a trivial task. I wanted ensure that the Business Tier was as simple as possible to connect the database of quotes with the presentation layer. My Servlet was very simple and return a set of 50 random quotes.

For more information on Google App Engine click HERE

Presentation Layer

I have heard a lot about Javascript MVVC frameworks and wanted to see what this was all about. I did a quick check on popular Google for frameworks and found that AngularJS was very popular and also supported by Google. I decided to go with AngularJS for my MVVC and Twitter Bootstrap for the visual components. Once I got my head around how Angular is set up I found it to be very powerful and with a lot of open source libraries to provide additional functionality.

For more information on Angular click HERE

Genius Thoughts

It took me a total of 10 hours of coding and testing to set this up. I have to admit that this was a fun project and I learnt so much because of it.

To see the fruits of my labour please click HERE

When I have a spare moment I am planning on adding a few extra features to Genius Thoughts:

  • Login using Social Media
  • Adding Own Quotes
  • Saving favourite Quotes onto a Personal Profile

Toan Hoang

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Toan Hoang is a technology enthusiast with a broad understanding and appreciation of most aspects of technology but with a passion for Business Intelligence Solutions and Technologies, Data Management and Web Programming.

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