Tableau Magic 2

A few months ago, I decided to create a new Tableau website This website will provide more than just my Tableau blogs and will provide links to others websites, interviews, whitepapers, videos etc… I will be ramping Tableau Magic up and migrating content from this personal blog, so do check […]

Arc Chart Tableau Tutorial 7

After years of using Tableau, I was finally given a use case that would allow me to create an Arc Chart; I always strive to build the best visualization for the client’s requirements. The client wanted to visualize the number of issues that were being escalated from each level. In this tutorial, I will go through the […]

Sunburst 11

When I started to learn Tableau, I remember being completely amazed and confused about how to build Bora Beran’s blog on Sunbursts; I could not believe that this was possible in Tableau and I wished that I could build it one day. In this blog, I am going to go through […]

Tableau Pointed Rings 22

In September 2016, I wrote a tutorial titled Tableau Rings which was a step-by-step guide to create a Radial Bar Chart. To my surprise, this tutorial went on to be my top Tableau blog, and my third most read blog, yes, I have a blog on Salsa Dancing which is read by thousands and right now […]

Dot Matrix Tutorial

A friend messaged me to asked he could create a grid layout for different visualisations, for example a 3×3 grid. I immediately thought about a Dot Matrix visualisation and how I could create this in Tableau. In this seriously quick tutorial, I will go through the steps to create such a visualisation. […]

Rounded Progress Bar 9

In my free time I try to build a few web applications, this is an essential part of my personal learning and attempt to keep relevant. Having an application that delivers great functionality is great, but what really sells it is a great looking set of dashboards so you can monitor your business; a way to […]